World Of Worms (Candlelight Records 2002)

Album review

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Since the demise of the kings of Black Metal, EMPEROR, we will see a lot of activity surrounding their respective side projects. Zyklon is one of these side projects. By slowing the black metal down a notch and adding more samples and industrial influences, ZYKLON has created a monster of an album. In taking the brilliant sound of EMPEROR in an other direction, It almost comes off as Death Metal, but not. Tracks like "HAMMER REVELATION", "WORM WORLD" and "CHAOS DEATHCULT" hit like a bulldozer yet still have the dark ambience of black metal. Some of this is shown more in the eerie space sounds of "ZYCLONED". Some of these bands can be hard to explain. Therefore, I would have to tell you to hear the album for yourself. But, I can tell you that you wouldn't regret getting ZYKLON once you hear them.

Reviewed by: Dan White

Album Rating: