Jason...The Dragon (Southern Lord 2011)

Album review

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The new Weedeater...is about what you'd expect from Weedeater. It's full of stompin' good southern-fried grooves soaked in Sabbath, so heavily distorted your ears almost blur. And of course Dave's signature whiskey and sandpaper blowjob vocals. There are a couple mellow tracks, but eh, I'm here for the stomp, the sound of the Ludwig Vistalite, and the fact that I've seen Dixie consume inhuman amounts of intoxicants and still pull off a flawless show. While this latest offering has it's moments here and there riff and song-wise, it's just not the massive blocks of awesome that 'God Luck and Good Speed' and '16 Tons' were.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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