Vision Of Disorder

The Cursed Remain Cursed ( 2012)

Album review

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Hardcore is not dead...repeat it with me.
I was actually putting off giving this album a listen because 1997 (when hardcore/metal crossover music 'peaked' for me) almost seems like a lifetime ago now. I tried to convince myself that this fast, angry, pounding hardcore stuff of my teens was out of my system now that I'm staring at my late 30's in the not-so-far distance.
No such luck. The newest rock flung at a car from V.O.D. is a concrete block of ear-shredding madness and should come with a warning about spontainious moshing and speaker cone replacement. The anger and alienation have never left, still pouring forth like a tsunami through the speakers, but with a more evolved sound and direction. Tim's vocals have spread into new territory, like cracks spreading through glass, the guitars follow to shatter completely.
Vision Of Disorder are back with a vengence, don't pass this one up.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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