Village Of Dead Roads

Desolation Will Destroy You (Meteor City 2009)

Album review

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Village Of Dead Roads have returned with their special blend of dark, dank, downtuned, beautifully tortured, riff-worshiping music. The cover of "Desolation Will Destroy You" features a dead-looking swamp, presumably in the middle of winter, although the water isn't frozen, with an abandoned looking shack on the side. It pretty much sounds like they recorded the album there, atmosphere-wise. The rollercoster riffage in the very first track "Our Cold War" sets the stage for the rest of the moody, brutal album, which ranges from passive Tool-ish guitar passages to what to might sound like if a guitar was being stoned to death. The vocals are still of the screamo-style that I'm not too big on, but you can make words out, and it's not too bad. I'd say the music makes up for it in spades. Excellent stuff, not to be overlooked.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

2009 AbsolutMetal