Vicious Art

Fire Falls & the Waiting Waters (Candlelight Records/Threeman Records 2005)

album review

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What have we here? Why, it's another Swedish death metal band! Why I can't say Vicious Art is the coolest name I've heard for a death metal band, the music they play makes up for it. There's a wide range of goodies on here, from blast beats to slow, grindy grooves. It's ugly, it's heavy, and here and there it's actually melodic. And no wonder, the band features former members of Dark Funeral and Jorgen Sandstrom from Entombed/Project Hate/Grave fame. The vocals aren't obnoxious, you can actually make out some words, kinda like Katakylsm meets Entombed. Mmmmm..Swedish death metal.

Album Rating:

Reviewed by: Wolfie

AbsolutMetal 2005