Type O Negative

World Coming Down (RoadRunner 1999)

Album Review

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Type O Negative's last album October Rust left a bit more to be desired with alot of fans...some say it was a bit too commercial (how Type O could really ever sound "commercial" is beyond me though). Others (like myself) just didn't like it as much as Bloody Kisses... but I know that if bands keep putting out the same album, it gets boring, blah, blah...
Anyways, here it is...finally, the long awaited new Type O Negative album...(and yes, it is better than October Rust) World Coming Down proves that bands put out much better albums when no one from their record company is making suggestions of how it should sound *cough* *cough* and the band can retain all of their musical intergrity.
This album is Type O all the way...there's plenty of doom and gloom, great vocal effects...slow downtempo songs... lyrics about the dead, lost love, and addiction... (the usual cheery stuff you expect from Type O Negative), and what would this album be without the references to sex?
There seems to be less guitar on this album..overall, maybe it's just not that loud in the mix..but the keyboards seem to be driving the songs more this time around...
Some of the songs sound like they could've been on Bloody Kisses, "Everyone I love is Dead", or "World Coming Down"...but overall the album is different, it's more of a mix of their past albums, with some new stuff thrown in here and there.
There's really only one band that could sound like Type O Negative... and one way to descibe their sound... (what Black Sabbath would sound like if they were playing while slipping into a coma).

If you're heavy into Type O Negative and goth music in general, I highly recommend a band from England called Paradise Lost, they are a killer goth band, but get no exposure in the U.S...for some reason...anyways, check out "Draconian Times", and "Icon".