Lateralus (Volcano, 2001)

Album review

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Ahh, here I am with a royally shitty headcold, all doped up on Nyquil...what a perfect time to write a Tool review!

My delay in obtaining this album before yesterday was caused by many factors, the first being that their label had press access to this album locked tighter than a new maximum security inmate's buttcheeks. Anyways, I finally picked it up for $12.88 at Newbies, wondering why it was a buck more expensive than most new cds until I saw the packaging which is rather amazing and surely a bit more expensive than usual.

We've waited more than 4 years for new Tool, so it is really all that we'd hoped for? Well, it's usual the drums are incredible, the basslines strange, the songs are moody and powerful, and there are the usual unidentifiable, strange, random noises here and there. There's more guitar this time around and the songs are longer, but most noticeable of all, Maynard's singing has evolved to a new level and as a whole the band continues to awe and inspire with their truly unique brand of heavy music.
One can definately pick out references to past albums on here, a few parts have that raw edge that "Opiate" had while other sections scream "Undertow", but it's all good because it still sounds new.

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