10,000 Days (Volcano 2006)

Album review

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Finally, a new Tool album! (and finally we review it, sorry this wasn't out before 5/2/06 but I got it less than a week beforehand and needed a bit more time to digest this one). Is Tool's newest worth the wait? I think so...I wasn't too impressed after the first listen, but there were a few tracks that stood out, "Vicarious" which has some seriously heavy reflections of humanity in the lyrics, "The Pot" which features a funky ass bassline, has an older-Tool material feel to it, and scathing lyrics. I'd love to know what the hell "Lipan Conjuring" is, and "Lost Keys (Blame Hoffan)" is a trippy, (as the title suggests) instrumental...with a voice-over part at the end). Now after a few more listens, the rest of the album comes into focus and Tool's usual sonic mastery becomes clear. Although it's definately distinguishable from previous albums, I do have the usual compliant of hearing riffs that sound very similar to other Tool riffs, but there's enough crazy stuff on here to make up for it. As usual, there's crazy packaging and artwork, all you need besides the cd are some bong hits.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

2006 AbsolutMetal