Todays the Day

Sadness Will Prevail - double disk (Relapse Records 2002)

Album review

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Much like most of Todays the Day albums the guitars are so detuned you can't really hear what's being played through the wall of static coming outta the speakers. And ya, I know it sounds like I'm gonna say it's different this time around, well it's not. Horrible squealing guitars with sabbath-esque style riffs help out here and there. But my favorite parts of the 1st disk are the samples and piano parts. Track 6 has a nice haunting choir singer that bleeds into more drugged piano lines. The best way to put disk one is take the best high you've ever had, and then go watch a Terry Gillain movie while listening to Black Sabbath. Gotta love that annoying dial modem intro on "Answer the Phone". I do have to admit disk 2 gets a little deeper into what the album as a whole should have sounded like...

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfvckingbastard

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