Cain (Century Media 2003)

Album review

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This CDS is the first taste of what we have to expect from Tiamat later this autumn. The band are going to follow up their latest album "Judas Christ" from '02. Tiamat has been around for quite a while; they released their debut in '90 called "Sumerian Cry". The band plays very dark/gloomy/black gothic metal. There are three songs on this CDS, two are written John and the third song is a cover of W.A.S.P's "Sleeping (In The Fire)".

"Cain" is very dark goth where John sounds really sad in his voice. "Sleeping (In The Fire)" doesn’t work so well. It didn’t work out so well to turn this ballad into goth. "Love In Chain" has alot of keyboard and heavy guitars, Johan has an amazing voice.

A really nice preview of what we have to expect from Tiamat later this year.

John Edlund - guitar, lead vocals, keyboards
Anders Iwers - bass
Lars Sköld - drums
Thomas Petersson - guitar

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Label www.centurymedia.de

Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Album Rating: Rating 7/10