The Sword

Apocryphon (Out Oct 23rd, 2012 Razor & Tie)

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There's less sci-fi storytelling this time around for The Sword, as they've taken on the theme of 'secret writing', (banned books/knowledge to oversimplify) but the rumbling war cry of drums and monstrously catchy riffs you'd expect are in full force. New drummer Santiago "Jimmy" Vela III doesn't miss a beat and seems to hit harder...or that could just be the sound J. Robbins can bring out of a drumkit.
The Sword are at that stage where they've had their own easily identifiable sound for awhile, and some patterns start repeating. Certain riffs sound similar to older material, but that's hard to avoid. That said, AC/DC they are not, and the songs are solid. Another good slab of vinyl from The Sword.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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