Souls Of Black (1990 Megaforce)

Album review

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Ah, the classics...
When you first put this album on, it doesn't quite sound metal... in fact sounds more like a spanish radio station...but after about 20 seconds, the metal kicks in.
This is good old classic bay area metal, Testament was one of the first bay area thrashers, but kinda got lost in the dust with Exodus when Metallica and Slayer plowed through. This is good stuff none the less...the time changes, the starts and stops, double bass, fast scale-based riffs, and guitar harmonies. Kinda what Testament sounds like now...but with more of an 80's feel.
Chuck's vocals have always been instantly recogzinable with every album up to "Demonic"..or was it "Low"? eh, it's the one that sounds like death metal crap, but nothing like Testament!
Favs include "Beginning Of The End", "Souls Of Black" and "The Legacy"

Check out "New Order", "Practice What You Preach", and "The Ritual" too!

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