Absolut Metal album review - System Of A Down - Toxicity

System Of A Down

Toxicity (American 2001)

Album review

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I must say I was skeptical when first hearing this album since I never got into their first release, now I think I'll go check it out again. These guys are different, you can't deny that, metal tinged by a middle eastern flavor with some very unconventional writting skills.
Toxicity kicks off with a nutty tune about drug policy that I know I can relate to...and continues to surprise for the next 44 minutes or so. The title track is cunningly melodic and catchy, "Toxicity" seems to flow like some strange, slightly disturbed stream. A truly unique album with no apparent weak spots, from the heavy crushing riffs to the ever-changing vocal styles.
In the wake of Rage Against The Machine's breakup, System is leading the way for bands that give you more political news in one album than your local tv station ever will, with tunes like "Prision Song", "Deer Dance", and "X", covering subjects that most are too afraid to touch. Don't let this one pass you by...

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Reviewed by: Wolfie