Stuck Mojo

Declaration Of A Headhunter (2000 Century Media) Out June 13th, 2000

Album review

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I saw these guys open for Machine Head in '95...pretty cool.
This album is the band's first with new bassist Dan Dryden...(I think their last bassist Corey Lowery, who is related to Clint Lowery of Sevendust, went on to join Joey Z's new band Stereo Mud). These tunes sound alot like Sevendust (guitar-wise) and have bits of Biohazard here and there.
There are a few tracks on here that are samples, or talking...the album opener "A Lesson In Insensitivity" and "A Open Letter" set the stage for the political tone on the album.
Tracks to check out..."Set The Tone", "Drawing Blood", "Feel It Coming Down", "Hatebreed"..."April 19th" is cool, too bad it's only 43 seconds long!
It's not as heavy as their last album "Rising", but more melodic and cool none the less...

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