Soulfly digipack (Roadrunner, 1999)

Album Review

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Well, here it is, another digipack...some of you probably see digipacks as a cruel joke, like I do. You've already bought the cd...but then out comes a digipack with 3 or 4 extra songs! So, you've either gotta go out and buy the same album you already have again (usually at an even more expensive price) to get the extra songs, or just live without them. This really sucks for us hardcore fans who have to have every little cover song, demo and unreleased song.
Japan doesn't have to go through this, the cds over there already come with the extra tracks that we have to hunt down...
Europe gets singles that have the extra tracks (that cost them about $3-$4 and cost us $10 by the time they get imported over here). But even singles are becoming a joke...the last 11 Metallica singles to come out in Europe (going all the way back to "Wherever I May Roam" off the black album) all have at least 2 different parts to collect (there are 5 different Sad But True cd singles. This gives collectors some stuff to go after, but the cd's are $10 each (a dollar less than a full album around here) and only have about 3 songs on them. This is becoming really bad... and it's not just Elektra...Machine Head's last 2 singles ("Take My Scars" and "Old") both came out as 2 part singles...sure, one came with a cool sticker and the other with a stencil, but it's only a matter of time before parts 1+2 turn into parts 3+4. Why not just make one single and put all those songs on it? Money.
For this digipack I went about a year without the Soulfly cd because I figured a digipack would be released. And this one comes with an additional cd, not just 4 extra it seems things are getting a bit better (unless you already bought the Soulfly cd when it first came out). However I've gotta wonder why the FF digipack was $11.88 and this was $29.99...
Buyer beware
If any record company happens to read this, for god sakes, release the digipack on the same day as the normal version, that way people get a choice and don't get SCREWED.

Ok, enough ranting...on to the actual cd...

Cd #1

This is Max's first album since parting ways with Sepultura (much to my dismay), and it kinda sounds like a continuation in the direction that "Roots" was going in. There are alot of tribal sounds, some lyrics in Portugese (Max's native tounge), and even a futebol chant here and there. The riffs definately have Max's stamp on them, that unmistakable sound that I miss dearly on the new Sepultura album. The drums are great, I dig tribal beats, and this album is full of them. Songs like "Eye For An Eye", and "Tribe" are very catchy, and "Bleed" is killer (even though that guy from LB is in it).
This album is also very...noisey, there's alot going on at once on most songs and sometimes it gets a bit stuck together. The songs are pretty solid though and I haven't heard one I don't like yet. Although something is still missing and I keep dreaming of a Sepultura reunion...

Cd #2

Here we have the "bonus cd" (which isn't much of a "bonus" for $20 more than the normal version). This has some cool remixes on it, but the real goodies are the 5 live songs and the "demo" (I guess), of "Eye For An Eye". Having seen Soulfly 5 times, I can honestly say now that they are a great live band, and in my opinion, sound better live than on cd. The songs on this album come across much better in a live situation (with Max having everyone chant along etc.) You just can't deny Max's stage presence. These live songs are killer and bring out some of the energy that the band puts out at a live show. The version of "Eye For An Eye" with slightly different lyrics is interesting as well...

Reviewed By: Wolfie