Primitive (Roadrunner, 2000) Out Sept 26th, 2000

Album review

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The first Soulfy album was pretty good, but didn't make it to the top of my cd rack or anything, The production was noisey, and the songs ended up sounding 20 times better live at the shows. Not to mention it had that guy from LB on it...*shudder*

This 2nd offering is a different story put it simply, this album RUUULES. It's heavy as shit, the songs have strong groove, and there are several different musical styles on here, masterfully mixed with metal.

The production is clear, you can hear everything, no muffled guitars running together in a muddy mess. Toby Wright did a killer job...Of course most of the riffs have Max's stamp all over them, but here and there you can hear Mikey coming through with some trippy-porno-metal style stuff.

Most of the tracks like "Pain", and "Bring It" are full on crazy, while the the quiet instumental "Soulfly II" may catch some off guard. "In Memory Of" has Max rapping in there...and "Flyhigh" has some R&B vocals and a dance beat going on in it. Don't be alarmed however, it's all good... "Jumpdafuckup" features Corey from Slipknot who sounds eerily like the late Lynn Strait from Snot in some places... And of course "Terrorist", which has Max and Tom Araya from Slayer trading off, is just plain evil.

Fav tracks: (like I can list them all...)
"Pain", "Jumpdafuckup", "Boom"

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