3 (Roadrunner 2002)

Album review

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I've been waiting for Max to pull one out of his hat and put out an album that knocks me off my ass, but that hasn't happened yet...he seemed to be kind of chasing his tail in circles with Soulfly, it was getting old. Soulfly's 3rd album does have some badass possibilities, but a few of them just veer off into the wrong direction and end up sounding like a train wreck.
At about 3:08 in "One Nation" there's some really cool acoustic guitar, but it just doesn't seem to fit there, and "Tree Of Pain" is a giant can't say that the man doesn't try to push boundries and experiment, but it just doesn't seem to turn out right. But fret not there are some sick tracks on here. "Enterfaith" is more what I'd been hoping for, with "L.O.T.M." following close behind, both are straightforward punk/thrash/metal the way we know Max can do it. "Brasil" is sure to start riots if ever played live, and "One Nation" isn't too shabby either. The real shit starts with "Call To Arms" which could be straight off Chaos A.D. "Four Elements" is quite atmospheric in the middle before crashing into a pit rallying riff at the end. All in all not too bad, but Soulfly's talents come across better live than in the studio.

Album Rating:
Reviewed by: Wolfie