The Chainheart Machine (2000 Century Media)

Album review

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98% of death metal sucks...there, I said it...
There are the exceptions...Carcass (who were brillant), Death, and this band, Soilwork.
These guys aren't exactly death metal in any true form...but they have enough of the trademarks of the genre for me to feel somewhat comfortable loosely labeling them as such. The vocals on here sound almost exactly like Devin Towsend (Strapping Young Lad) in some parts...and a guitar riff here and there reminds me of Carcass... There's the doublebass drumming at 200mph, the speedy riffs...but it actually has some depth to it, and sounds good.
The first track (and title track) is really cool and kicks off the album perfectly setting the tone for what's to come. This album is fast, pounding, and relentless, there's hardly time to gasp for air..
Good stuff.

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