Natural Born Chaos (Nuclear Blast 2002)

Album review

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And here we have the newest outing by Soilwork. Taking the Gottenburg sound to new heights, they prosper A LOT from the amazing production and mixing by the one and only Canadian madman, Devin Townsend. The vocals soar. The guitars ravage. The keyboard sound flows like water. It's just peachy, dammit. So far, I don't think Soilwork could make a bad album if they tried. NATURAL BORN CHAOS proves this with ten tracks of unreal metal. Songs like "Follow The Hollow", As We Speak" and "The Bringer" give this album more punch then a heavyweight title fight! Soilwork has always held their own in the music world, but I think this will be the album to take them to new heights that only a few of their countrymen share. This album is worth every penny, so get off your ass and go get it! NOW!

Reviewed by: Dan White

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