Soilent Green

Confrontation (Relapse Records 2005)

Album review

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You ever notice that when you hear a certain sound you instantly know what band it is, well Soilent Green is definately one of those bands. Just don't ever tell them they have alot of Sabbath influence in their sound. Ben likes to think of it as just blues and jazz, but heavier. Everytime you read about a band's new cd, it always tells you how this is their most mature and focused album to date. Well, alot of the time that's just not true, you end up getting a lot rehashed riffs from the bands' last record. Soilent Green however, delivers the goods here, without a doubt. Mixing up the New Orleans sound better then Superjoint Ritual could ever wish to do. Not saying I'm comparing the two bands, but SJR takes off where Soilent Green left off on "A Deleted Symphony for the Beaten Down". This time around on "Confrontation" the sound gets pushed to the forefront of underground metal, with Sabbath melodies and Eyehategod-led breakdowns. The grooves are so thick at some points, you swear you feel the mud on your feet. Look out for the heavily bluesed influenced "Liquor and Cigarettes", it's a nice lil' laid back jam that brings to mind the intro to "Later Days" but much more defined. "Paper Cut" is a nice bass solo tribute to fallen member Scott Williams, where "Another Cheap Brand of Luck" is a full on Hank Williams jam intro into probably the heaviest track on the record, "This Glass House of Broken Words". This is by far the most entertaining record Soilent Green has put out to date.

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards

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