Get Some (Geffen 1997)

Album Review

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This album never got the exposure it deserved, it was unwisely never released in europe (for god sakes! release it in Europe!). And although I've heard one song on the radio a few times, I know it never got heavy airplay. I'm hoping the live album will get released someday... to describe Snot...Hardcore meets porno music? Eh, I donno...what I do know is that Snot was unique, can't say I know of any other band that sounds like them...
A "typical" Snot song (if there is such a thing) will have heavy hardcore-like shit going on, then all of a sudden it'll break into this laid back drum rhythm with a guitar part with fucked up effects that could very well fit in the background of a porn flick... (you've gotta hear this band)
The vocals go from a whisper to some heavy screaming, very melodic, and very bizzare guitar parts...and some fancy drummin' here and there.
Favorites on this album (and there are many) include "I Jus' Lie", "Joy Ride", and "Snooze Button"
Snot grew on me (haha, you know what I mean) when they were touring with Machine Head back in 1997, I saw them 3 times the time they came around on the Ozzfest in '98 I was hooked. There was Lynn's infamous onstage blow job stunt in MA that landed him in a bit of trouble..Then followed a tour with Soulfly...I saw them last on Aug 7th, 1998 (Lynn's birthday) I remember him being drunk and doing South Park impressions...But that's the last time I'll ever get to see Snot, because (if anyone doesn't already know) Lynn and his dog Dobbs died in a car crash.
The other guys still going on, Mikey is currently playing guitar in SoulFly, and Sonny and John are in Amen. And hopefully a live Snot album will be released (dedicated to Lynn of course) in the near future.