Absolut Metal album review - Snot - Alive!


Alive! (Hip-O Records)

Album review

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For those of you poor bastards who never got to see Snot live, here is the closest thing available at the moment and probably forever, (keeps fingers crossed for DVD of bootleg footage). Snot were destined to be huge, not because they were being lumped in with alot of nu-metal bands that suck but were exploding at the time, but because they were actually oringinal and talented. I first saw them opening for Machine Head in 1997 and eventually they grew on me with their strange mix of punk, hardcore, and porno music... (you have a better description? didn't think so). The show itself pretty much captures all that was Snot, and the sound is pretty damn good. The cd includes the promo video for "Joy Ride", go check it out.

R.I.P. Lynn

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Reviewed by: Wolfie