album review

Slipknot (1999, Roadrunner)

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This cd is...strange. Slipknot doesn't quite sound like anything else that I can put my finger on (with the occasional exception of a few Coal Chamber/Korn-like parts).

Having a band with 9 members is bizzare enough in itself, let alone the sound that they produce. There are alot of effects that I can't quite make out...and samples. In some places it sounds as if 2 drumkits are going at once, mixed with everything else it's sounds pretty chaotic at times.

The guy belting out the lyrics goes from growling and screaming to rapping, to just singing to talking, and occasionally sounds like a dog getting run over by a tractor. I did notice a few Dez Fafara/Johnathan Davis influenced vocal parts.

This album so far is way too new-school for my tastes, but I'm guessing with a slot on the 2nd stage at Ozzfest and a rather large number of Korn fans looking for other new bands, this album will probably sell alot of copies. I donno, but somehow I don't see people picking this cd up in 10 years, putting it on and thinking it's a masterpiece...