God Hates Us All (American 2001)

Album review

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SLAAAAAAAYER!!! There, just had to get that out of my system. Metal's favorite satanic panic poster boys serve up a lovely slice of hell with their newest effort. Their first album in 3 years is downright fucking brutal in fact, guaranteed to spread a grin on the faces of Slayer fans and make current "metal" fans run screaming home to mama. Slayer deliver what they are known best for, disturbing thrash...sick ugly riffs, blast beat drums, and vocals that make you wonder what they do to poor Tom in the studio to make him scream like that. Some of the tunes on here carry a somewhat slower tempo than older material, opting to go for the slow and crushing effect, but spare me your bitching because the insane breakneck speed is still there in full effect on tunes like "Exile" and "Payback". Run for cover, Slayer is back.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie