Christ Illusion (American Recordings 2006)

Album review

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Slayer are back, and they've got the really cool album cover, the wonderfully offensive title, and the signature heavy squealing riffs...but is there anything new? Not really, Slayer stick to what they do best, which is probably a good idea anyways, but it's getting a little old. With a few exceptions, alot of the songs already sound farmilliar. The vocals sound strained, with the lyrics still taking on the horrors of war, suicide, and of course religion, favorite Slayer topics since well, the begining, but in a "are we supposed to take this seriously?" kind of way. So far, "Cult" stands out as one of the better tunes, probably because it's really old-school. While it's great to have Dave Lombardo back in the mix, there just isn't anything too special about this one, although I must say I like it better than their last few albums.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

2006 AbsolutMetal