From Sacrifice To Survival (Relapse Records 2003)

Album review

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Skinless has earned it's reputation as one of the most brutal live acts in death metal today. Their third album shows a newer sound added to Skinless that may have some question that rep now. I really like this album, but some older fans make not take the more simple, straight forward playing in some of their songs. Skinless may be looking for less of wowing the audinece with technical speed playing, but just plain pile driving their heads into the club floor with more breakdowns and slam riffs. "Miscreant", The Front Line of Sanity" and "Don't Risk Infection" have more of a Lamb Of God than Dying Fetus feel to it. It's still Skinless, but it's Skinless trying to kick your ass with Brazilian Ju-Jitsu instead of Karate. Then again, they weren't all that technical to start with. Overall, a very slammy death album that will leave you pickin' up chicklets.

Reviewed by: Dan White

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