Roorback (SPV Records 2003)

Album review

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Sepultura are back with a vengence. As cheesy and over-used as that sounds, I can't think of a better way to state the obvious. Brasil's finest are here to take back their throne. Maybe the last 2 albums didn't impress you, but there's something wrong if no one has to peel you off the floor after hearing this one. The riffs are sick, (going all Sabbathy at the end of "Apes Of God") and Andreas reminds us of why we still need to hear solos. Derrick is really coming into his own as the band's vocalist, and do I even need to mention Igor's drumming? Didn't think so... Everything on this one is very well written and arranged, the band is finally flowing in the same direction. Max who?
I know I'm tormenting those of you in North America where the band don't even have a label yet, let alone a release date for this album. I ordered my import copy online, if you can't wait either, I suggest you do the same!

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Reviewed by: Wolfie