Nation (Roadrunner Records, 2001) Out: March 20th, 2001

Album review

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The follow up to Against...and much better. It's still Seps without Max, but this time it really sounds more like Sepultura. The riffs are better, songs more well written, and it's...moody.
There are a few surprises on this one, the chorus to "Saga" has a middle eastern feel, "Tribe To a Nation" has a reggae feel in the vocals, and Jello Biafra is singing on "Politricks". "Revolt" and "Human Cause" (with Jamey from Hatebreed) sound like they could've been straight off of Chaos A.D., definate favorites, too bad both are only 57 seconds long! "Water" is surprisingly mellow and "Valtio" has a friggin' string section! Is it just me, or does "One Man Army" sound like it could be a Faith No More song?