Eternal (2000 Century Media)

Album review

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I haven't heard a band that sounds like these guys yet. It's kinda like black metal with a twist... there are haunting melodies, growling, snarling vocals..a drum machine, and keyboards. Fucked up eh?
This is slightly different from other Samael albums I've heard, there seems to be more emphasis on keyboard sounds, the vocals, and various strange percussion noises, than on crazy groovin' guitar riffs.
"Together" is classic Samael, you know it's them instantly, but the chorus kinda threw me a bit...that vocal melody is fucked up! "Supra Karma" is catchy (for this kind of music) and a fav...other tracks I've haven't really gone into yet...
This is pretty cool but doesn't touch their other albums yet like "Passage" or "Ceremony Of Opposites"

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