Rage Against The Machine

The Battle Of Los Angeles (1999 Epic)

Album review

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Now here's a band that has plenty of fuel to drive them, I doubt there's any shortage of injustice or corruption around nowadays to send these guys looking hard for inspiration. You might not agree with Rage's lyrics, but I'm guessing their main point is to at least make you wonder...
This album kicks ass from start to finnish...Zach's vocals punish your ears with all the rage intended, the riffs are catchy and a few are monsterous, the bass rumbles and plods through the mix, and the beats are downright catchy.
The main riff in "Sleep Now In The Fire" sounds like modern-day Hendrix. "Mic Check" has some cool bass-wah goin' on...a definate favorite. "Born Of A Broken Man" is slamming and heavy.
The whole damn thing is good, not one song I don't like (and damn is that rare)

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