Fundamental (1999 MCA)

Album review

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I saw these guys live twice, once with Downset, once with Type O Negative...and couldn't wait to get my hands on this cd.
Puya kick ass not only live, but also on their debut album. This is the most creative mix of Metal and another style of music I've heard since Sepultura started adding tribal elements to their music on Chaos A.D., but Puya's mixture is even more obvious!
In case you've never heard Puya, they sound like a metal band one minute, and a latin salsa band the next...in "Monate" for instance, you're thrashing along and then all of a sudden..bam, a smooth horn section with latin percussion. The opening track "Oasis" starts off like an Anthrax or Biohazard song, then whoaaa...what's this? the verses are laid back clean guitar and what sounds like bongos...of course the chorus slams back in and kicks you in the face.
Favorite tracks so far...heh, almost all of them! "Oasis", "Fake", "Montate", "Keep It Simple" (which has a rap beat through it, and are those bong noises I hear in the begining?), and "No Inventes" to name a few...
Check this cd out NOW!