Probot (Southern Lord Records 2003)

Album review

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Funny how the guy from the Foo Fighters can put out one of the most 'metal' albums I've heard in a long time. As an added bonus, he's also got some very metal guests singing on every track, Lemmy, King Diamond, and Max Cavalera to name a few. Dave Grohl has sucessfully created individually crafted tracks that fit their guest vocalists perfectly. Extra kudos on "Ice Cold Man" with Lee Dorrian (Cathedral), and "The Emerald Law" featuring Wino on vocals and guitar. "Access Babylon" is pure old school hardcore with Mike Dean belting out vocals reminesent of old Bad Brains. Good stuff. Despite the album cover, which represents all that is cheesy in metal, Probot definately deserves a few horns.

Album Rating:

Reviewed by: Wolfie