Turn To Stone (Peaceville Records 2002)

Album review

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Bobby Liebling-lead vocals
Victor Griffin-guitar
Martin Swaney-bass
Joe Hasselvander-drums

Peaceville records releases the best of Pentagram from the records "Relentless", "Be Forewarned" and "Day Of Reckoning". The band started their career back in the seventies and they had big influence on the swedish doom metal heroes Candlemass.
Doom rock is dull, harping and without many changes in the music. The band smells of old Black Sabbath doom rock. The band is said to be a legend and very grand, I have never heard of them before, Doom rock isn’t my cup of tea.
The record "Turn To Stone" is extremely long, eighty minutes and seventeen tracks. The whole record is nothing but a long complainant song without any substance music-wise. Everything sounds the same, Bobby on vocals has a weak voice and his capacity is very limited. I have only heard the promo, but most of it seems to tell about darkness, the devil, sadness and death as in songs like "Bride of evil", "Vampire Love", "Wolf’s Blood", "Evil Seed", and "Live Free And Burn".
According to the album info there are classics like "All Your Sins", "Death Row", and "Relentless". I can only say that this band is a classic one and this record is probably a bargain for everyone fond of doom rock.
More info about the band look at their label

Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall