Paradise Lost

Symbol Of Life (Koch 2002)

Album review

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Yeah, I know this album came out last year, but I just finally got it, so fuck off. I've always dug Paradise Lost, ever since I heard "Draconian Times"..."Icon" deserves an honorable mention as well. But, well, lately they just haven't seemed like (sounded like) Paradise Lost. They were heavy and goth-laden, but then it all seemed to go to hell. However, this album shows hope. It's a bit more catchy and dare I say "pop" than what we'd hope for, but it's a step back towards the Paradise Lost we know and love. The first track "Isolate" is catchy, and sounds like it could be a Depeche Mode song in some places, but you know this album is Paradise Lost after you get past it. "Erased" is better, but "Two Worlds" sounds too much like something that would be big on the radio in the U.S. and that's kinda scary. The songs that follow are flowing and pretty mellow. "Perfect Mask" is a definate favorite, a slightly heavier feel. The production is a bit polished for my taste, but overall I think I can get past it.

Album Rating:
Reviewed by: Wolfie