Vulgar Display Of Power (1992 Atco)

Album review

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Every once and awhile I feel the need to review the classics, and so here is the most pulverizing Pantera cd in all it's glory...
This is one of the cd's that marked metal as the regining force in music in the early 90's, Metallica blew the doors wide open with the "black album" and Pantera went through those doors and helped shove metal up everyone's ass. (to bad Nirvana had to come along and ruin it..hehe)
"Vulgar Display Of Power" is unrelentless and crushing, even today's "metal" bands can't compete with it's sheer heaviness. From the killer riff in "Mouth For War" all the way to the errieness of "Hollow" there's something so pure, so metal about this album...can't describe it. "Fucking Hostile" is an anthem for today's youth if I ever heard one..."This Love" is timelessly creepy and evil..that pounding chorus just sneaks up and kicks your face in, and the solo? one of Dimebag's sweetest indeed...not to mention the outro. "By Demons Be Driven" is just sick shit...and who could I forget "Walk"? Sure to be a classic if not already...(can you say CRUSH?)

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