Ozzfest live

Second Stage (Divine/Priority, 2001) In stores: 3/27/01

Album review

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Another Ozzfest cd? Damn, what is this now, including all the little samplers n'shit...number 50?
Disc one is mostly unimpressive save for Soulfly's lively version of "Pain" and Ozzy doing the classic "I Don't Know". I skipped the Disturbed song because I can't stand them and the intro sounds like a Dream Theater ripoff. Slaves On Dope weren't half bad at the Sno-core tour, but the song on here isn't too great.
And onto Disc two...which starts off with a Coal Chamber song...making me wonder if it'll actually be in time...bwhahaha it's pretty bad. The Earth Crisis track which follows burys it of course. There seems to be hope for the 2nd disc yet as Fear Factory rip through "Replica". but methinks someone might be slightly off key...Biohazard's "These Eyes" is not too shabby while Sep's "Attitude" (performed while Max was still in the band) is killer to say the least, as is Slayer's "Angel Of Death".

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