Ghost Reveries (Roadrunner Records 2005)

Album review

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With all the hype around the new Opeth album, their debut for Roadrunner, the addition of a permenent keyboard player, the absence of Steve Wilson in the studio, and the waiting, I decided not to get too excited or expect that somehow they'd top any of their last albums. After all, Opeth had just put out what I consider the 3 most amazing albums of their career in the past few years, ("Blackwater Park", "Deliverance", and "Damnation") how do you top that when "My Arms Your Hearse" and "Morningrise" are also under your belt?. So, it's finally here and I'm glad I didn't get too excited. Don't get me wrong, this is still an Opeth album in every sense, it doesn't sound like any suits over at Roadrunner tried to rip the band apart and rebuild them as the next Nickelback (shudder). Opeth still do everything they usually do, but they've tried to throw even more into the mix and now it sounds like they've got too many cooks in the kitchen. This album is progressive, has the complex death metal parts that flow into the folk guitar sections etc. It's just not grabbing me like their previous efforts do. Opeth sound like they're trying to do too many things here and it just doesn't flow in some places. Mikael takes some chances with the vocals on a few tracks, trying new styles out, most noticeably on "Ghost Of Perdition", and there are definately more keyboards. It'll be interesting to see where Opeth go from here, but this one just isn't taking over my cd player yet.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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