Blackwater Park (Koch Records/Music For Nations, 2001)

Album review

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Perhaps you were lucky enough to see Sweden's best kept secret recently on their first ever U.S. tour with Nevermore...if you did, chances are you've already picked up this amazing album.

It's rare that I do much asskissing during album reviews, but my god, there is nothing in the U.S...or anywhere else for that matter that sounds like these guys. Imagine if you will, classic 70's trippy stoner rock, power metal, clean folk guitar, and death metal rolled into one melodic, moving, amazing...sound. For instance, "Harvest" starts out innocently enough, a simple kinda folk sounding clean rhythm with a haunting, moody lead behind it, soft melodic vocals... almost something that could be played in a supermarket if hell froze over and the people who do muzack weren't tone deaf. "The Drapery Falls" starts out all nice and fuzzy too, the pace slows, the clean guitars come in, but not all is well, the lead is unsettling, the vocals are still melodic, but then the music builds and out come the cookie monster vocals. It's a beautiful thing...

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