Frozen In Time (Roadrunner Records 2005)

Album review

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Florida's finest have returned with a 6th studio album, (which I thought we'd never see). I figured the slow, evil, grindy death metal of the early 90's, that I loved so much, was lost forever when Carcass and Obituary went their own morbid ways. But Obituary is back and sounding...well, like Obituary. Seems "Frozen In Time" is a very appropriate title indeed. All the trademarks are there, the snarling vocals, killer riffs, double bass, those slow crushing breakdowns...The album opens with an instrumental, 3 minutes of instumental death badass is that? Sure, the band aren't really doing anything new with their sound after 6 years, but what did you expect? When you hear this band, you know it's Obituary and no one else, can't say that about many newer death metal bands. My favorite kind of death metal is back... now if only Carcass would reform...Go buy this album and get schooled youngin's!

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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