Anthology (Roadrunner, 2001)

Album review

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Here we have the long overdue Obituary Anthology, a collection of what I consider death metal classics. And I'm quite picky about my death metal, hell I don't even like most of it save for old Sepultura, old Entombed, Carcass, etc. However one cannot deny the legacy of Obituary with essential tunes like "Intoxicated", "Slowly We Rot", and one of my personal favs "Don't Care". The riffs are evil, and unlike most death, the vocals are original and actually intelligible.
While this heaping slab of Obituary songs may not include everyone's ideal list of the greats, it's not bad at all, there are even 2 unreleased tracks "Buried Alive" and a remix of "Boiling Point" which is...err..interesting.

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