Fragile (1999 Nothing/Interscope)

Album Review

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I'd liked NIN for years, but only owned one of their cd's, "Downward Spiral" (I'm a loser ok? haha). Since they are constantly on the radio I usually got my fill, even with older stuff like Pretty Hate Machine. But I figured I'd just go buy this double cd, since often the best songs are never released to radio.
This 2 cd set rules, usually on a NIN disk there's a song or 2 I'll skip over...not here. I can't get the fuckin' thing out of my cd player... This is total heavy industrial bliss for almost 2 hours. There's alot of guitar on here, (for a NIN album) which definately adds to the overall heaviness. Each of the songs has a "mood" to's amazing how Reznor gets emotions across through drum progaming, a bassline, and a disgustingly distorted guitar sound...then out of nowhere, there's a piano part, or acoustic guitar.
Can't decide if I like the "left" or "right" cd better, right now it's a toss up...Favorite tracks are "The Wretched", off the "Left" cd, and "Into The Void", "Where Is Everybody?", and "The Big Come Down" off the "Right" cd.