Most Precious Blood

Nothing In Vain (Trustkill 2001)

Album review

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From the ashes of NYC hardcore kill-squad, Indecision, comes MPB. Indecision members, Justin, Rachel and Sean have banded together with new vocalist Tom Sheehan and bassist Matt Miller to form a more back to basics hardcore unit. While I say "back to basics" I don't mean they have are sounding like they crawled out of 1988, but more that they are pushing a direct hardcore sound minus the more metallic sound we heard in Indecision. By adding melodic elements of The Cure and early 80's goth rock, MPB takes on a life of their own. Songs like "Less Then Zero, "The Knot", "In Effigy" and "...And The Band Played On" keep you trapped in their that will have you singing along one second and smashing the person next to you the next. Overall, a rock-hard release that makes MPB's future look promising.

Reviewed by: Dan White

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