Misery Index

Overthrow (Anarchos Records 2002)

Album review

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Last year, long time DYING FETUS bassist/singer, Jason Netherton left the band to focus on a new project. That project was MISERY INDEX. Armed with former DYING FETUS drummer, Kevin Talley and guitarist Mike Harrison, MISERY INDEX debuts with this five song ep, OVERTHROW. Seeing as how 2/3 of the band are veterans of DYING FETUS, the comparisons are not far off. But it's not a ripoff either. Jason gives the band it's core with his well-known vocals and politicaly charged lyrics. With four origials and a brutal cover of "DEAD SHALL RISE" by TERRORIZER, MISERY INDEX show promise of being signed to a major metal label in the near future. So check it out before this happens and this is a hard to find item.

Reviewed by: Dan White

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