Hanged Choked Wrists Slit (Trial and Error Records)

Album review

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Now I might only be into the second track on Mindsnare's album, but when I like to think of what Hardcore, or melodic music in general should sound like, this is what I would reach for. Heavy Slayer-esque style riffs with old school meets new school hardcore breakdowns. These guys studied hard to not be too heavily influenced by their genre's sound as they bring back such images of the CroMags or Agnostic Front. These guys are what Machine Head back in the day wish they sounded like by now. I can't get over the huge old school hardcore meeting up with early 80's Bay Area style thrash. Check out the breakdowns at the end of track # 3 "In Reach of No Man", track # 6 "At An End", and track # 9 "The Gallows In Disguise". It's so sick, something Sepultura or Machine Head would have loved to have written, Lamb of God please take notice. This is the type of band that should be on Ozzfest's second stage Heavy, Loud, and oh yea, METAL.

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards

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