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Sure, this review is gonna be slightly biased seeing as Metallica is my favorite band and all, and considering I was at these shows...but I'll try to find something to complain about...I promise.
First off, as a sound engineer, I'm listening to this and thinking "holy fuck". Imagine mixing Metallica alone..then add a 84 piece orchestra and try to have everything sound right. At the show there times where the band overwhelmed the orchestra, and vice versa..but you can hear everything on this.
Having a live version of "Ecstasy Of Gold" is killer enough, but "The Call Of Kutulu"? that's even hard to find on a bootleg, plus they both sound great played by the orchestra. Other songs that seem to blend well with the symphony are "Master Of Puppets" (surprisingly), "Hero Of The Day", "Bleeding Me", "Nothing Else Matters" (sounds like The Eleveator version live if anyone has the import single). "For Whom The Bell Tolls", and "The Outlaw Torn". Both new songs are really killer, especially "No Leaf Clover" which I actually didn't like much the first time I heard it..the 2nd night it sounded better. The other new tune "- Human" is downtuned, (sounds like C# to me) and chunky. Lars even plays a cool "Harverster Of Sorrow"-like rhythm in the verses (which I hope we see more of in the future!) instead of the usual "kick and snare" beat that's run rampant on the last 3 albums. Maybe they'll write some of the next album in C#... or even..dare I say it? B. After all, word has it Kirk is getting a 7 string, so who knows. I'm wondering what these 2 will sound like if they are ever recorded in a studio with just the band...
A few songs that didn't blend all that well with the symphony were "Fuel" and "Battery". Of course these are the fastest songs on the cd set, and there's alot going on..that might be why everything sounds a bit jumbled, especially "Battery". What's strange is that "Puppets" sounds ok...and it's fast too. "Sanitarium" or "Fade to Black" probably would've sounded about "To Live Is To Die"? eh well, that's the best I can do for a complaint about S&M.

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