Nothing (Nuclear Blast 2002)

Album review

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Meshuggah has been keeping the metal world at bay for almost five years as it waited for a new studio album. Finally, we have it. Jacking their sound up a notch by playing eight string (8!!!!) guitars, Meshuggah has given us another album headbang to when we aren't using a calculator to figure out what time signature they're playing in. Kicking off with the slow chug of "Stengah", we are dragged into another world of epilectic breakdowns, solos that sound like a malfunctioning video game and timing you need a stopwatch to follow. This is Meshuggah at their best. It's weird, but it's damn heavy. Other tracks like "Rational Gaze", "Perpetual Black Second" and "Spasm" beat you into a coma like a math teacher on crack. With a high profile slot on the Ozzfest, many people will be checking out Meshuggah. When they get the album, there WILL be people scratching their heads. But it shouldn't take too long before the pure heavy underbelly of this beast overpowers them.

Reviewed by: Dan White

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