Rude Awakening (Sanctuary 2002)

Album review

Home | Interviews | Live Pictures | Reviews | News | Tourdates | Message Boardz | Metal Dictionary | Metal Chat | Links | Search | CD Store | Trade Index | Mailing List | In MEGADETH'S 20 year career they have never released an official live album. It is unfortunate to hear that this will be their last relase. On April 4th Dave Mustaine relased a statment saying that Megadeth has disbanded due to a recent wrist injury affecting his ablity to play guitar.
On November 17th Megadeth performed their last show in Phonix Arazonia. On the plus side they recorded the show and put it into a live album as well as a home video as if they knew this would be their last performance.

This doubble CD set consists of a 24 song setlist that was picked by the fans and selected by the band. Rude Awakening has a few songs from every era with the exception being their 1999 relase "Risk", (boohoo what a shame) as well as a few songs that they haven't played live in over 15 years, "Mechanix" from their 1984 debut album "Killing Is My Buisness..." There is also is an extended version of "Shewolf" with a 5 minute guitar duling solo betwen Dave Mustaine and Al Piterelli along with a drum solo. The only flaw on this CD is that Mustaine's vocals sound a little worn and tired towards the end of the show. This was an exceptional performance by one of the best speed/thrash bands of all time.

Rude awakning is Megadeth in their finest hour and their darkest hour also. This is a CD any metal fan should invest in. It is well worth checking out. We can only hope that this will not be the last we here from the gods of thrash. R.I.P MEGADETH 1983-2002

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