The World Needs a Hero (Sanctuary, 2001)

Album review

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After the sad dissapointment that was the last Megadeth album, many have been left skeptical and filled with hopelessness about the current state of Megadeth. So thank satan they put this album out! Megadeth as we remember them are back... with a vengence. Thrash lives on with "The World Needs A Hero", real riffs, god-like guitar solos, and Dave's "you can almost see me sneering when I sing" vocals, Vic is even on the cover! But this is no "So Far So Good..." repeat, the material is fresh and new even though it's old-school at heart, hell there's a song with sting intruments, and one with horns. Everything we crave from the twisted mind of Mustaine is delivered, no wussy stuff here, just, well, Megadeth.

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