Once More 'Round The Sun

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While I wish Mastodon would get a little heavier production-wise on each successive album, they progress musically in leaps and bounds and never put out a shitty album...and that's more than any fan could ask for with a metal band. Usually you get the best album 1-2 albums in, and go downhill from there. While those of us who caught on during Remission might not love the direction they've taken, the albums have been different, creative, and addictive from start to finish.
Once More 'Round The Sun is no exception, (once you get over the emo-sounding vocals on 'The Motherload'). At first listen there's alot going on and some "WTF?" but that's to be expected, it is Mastodon after all. 'High Road' has an exceptional main riff, catchy as fuck, this song should be their 'Enter Sandman' in terms of converting the masses to metal. The title track is also a goodie, clearing the way further into uncharted territory. 'Aunt Lisa' has this cheerleader thing going on at the end for some reason, and for the first 50 times I heard it all I cound think of was Faith No More's 'Be Agressive'. The closing track 'Diamond In The Witch House' is a wonderful, raging, back-to-their-roots nod to Neurosis for the old-schoolers. So, I'll give this one a six pack...yes, I'm slighted a bit here, as I do love me some Mastodon.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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