The Hunter (Warner 2011)

Album review

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Unlike Mastodon's last offering, this album requires no prior heating...this almost sounds like the middle album that never happened. There's the obvious continuation of the direction they were going towards on Crack The Skye, but it's not a concept album and there's some serious throwback to their roots (like 'Spectrelight' which is unrelenting from start to finish). One can't help but harken back to some 'Leviathan' sounding times. The guitars are amazing as usual, and vocals have continued to progress at a scary rate (though there's not alot of yelling anymore), there's some crazy old synth going on somewhere...it's love at first listen. 'Dry Bone Alley' reminds me of old Ozzy for some reason, 'Thickening' has a hypnotic main riff, and 'Creature Lives' starts off in old Pink Floyd fashion before lyrically sounding like a really messed up children's bedtime story.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

2011 AbsolutMetal